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The TomorrowZone Catalyst Podcast


podcast-greenAuthentify Art: Revolutionizing Trust in the Art World

Don't miss our founder, Curtis McConnell, as he talks about how Authentify Art is revolutionizing trust in the art world using everyday technology. Tune in to this podcast for insights on leveraging diverse experiences, combating fraud, and democratizing art participation. 🎧✨

Deb and Curtis engage in a thought-provoking discussion on leveraging diverse experiences and removing barriers to drive innovation. Curtis shares insights from his eclectic journey, spanning from physics to art history, and how each experience has shaped his innovative approach. Together, they explore the transformative power of reframing problems through a fresh lens and drawing parallels between seemingly unrelated industries. 

Curtis emphasizes the importance of understanding human nature in developing effective solutions, particularly in combating fraud. He shares his experiences in developing standards to address trust and accessibility issues in the art industry through his venture, Authentify Art. The conversation dives into the significance of democratizing participation and fostering trust to drive industry-wide change. 

Here are both parts of this 2-part podcast episode: 

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