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Efficiently Grow and Scale the Art Market

Collection Management

A digital dossier with an entire transactional audit trail which includes all financial, logistics, legal and due diligence documentation. All data, documents and digital experiences are immutably and verifiably connected using secure art-specific RFID tags.

Asset Idenitification


  • Maximize sale price
  • Protect long term value/authenticity
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Track customer interactions


  • Reduce labor for sales prep
  • Reduce cost of estate planning
  • Reduce cost of expertise
  • Avoid customs penalties on restricted items

Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor artworks anywhere in the world, even when in transit, crated, and in dense storage. Also protects lenders, lien holders, and fraction owners from unauthorized movement or transactions. Receive notifications and alerts for any environmental risk factors.

Asset Monitoring


All of the previous benefits plus:

  • Reduce risk of theft or loss

  • Minimized physical damage through real time alerts.

  • Complements UCC filings protecting lenders and fractional owners


  • Reduce insurance cost
  • Eliminate storage costs for leveraged art
  • Reduce insurance cost to annually check on art

Track & Trace

Reduce Inventory Challenges with Authentify Inventory RFID Tagging and Monitoring

Effortlessly track, trace and locate art in real-time with smartphones and integrated wireless technology. Manage inventory with complete accuracy 24/7. Know where all your artwork is (and has been) anywhere in the world while on display, in transit, in storage or on loan.
Asset Tracking


All of the previous benefits plus:

  • Virtually eliminate customer service calls about art status
  • Expedite accuracy of shipments to and from art shows


  • Eliminate inventory checks and cycle counting
  • Minimize cost of finding missing art
  • Virtually eliminate dock labor costs to receive new art

Logistics management

Reduce Inventory Challenges with Authentify Inventory RFID Tagging and Monitoring

  • Each work has a unique identity (universal Art RFID standard)
  • Confirm artwork identity without opening crates, boxes, or other packaging
  • Provides real-time monitoring for all works in storage (up to 750 ft away)
  • The event engine provides configurable custom alerts to recipients of your choice
  • Inventory counts become immediate, no longer taking days or weeks
Asset Management


All of the previous benefits plus:

  • Protect against accidental loss or destruction of valuable assets

  • Improves efficiency of logistics processes


  • Eliminates expensive manual time consuming inventory processes
  • Provides accurate realtime inventory location information
  • Eliminates significant data gatherings costs in labor

Now available as a bundle to select art professionals

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