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The Time Is Now For A Unified Art Registry

Join the Transparency Revolution with

Welcome to, where we are transforming the art world through transparency and accountability. Our Unified Art Registry is revolutionizing the way artists, collectors, and art market participants track, authenticate, and protect artworks. Join us in building a new era of trust and integrity in the art market.

Why is provenance crucial? It ensures that artworks' histories are accurately documented, authenticating their origin and ownership. With the Unified Art Registry, artists can finally have full visibility and control over their IP, even as they move from collector to collection. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a secure and trustworthy art market. is the hub that connects decentralized data into a single authoritative data hub where art lovers can easily check the authenticity, provenance, literature, condition and history of artworks. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies (RFID, AI, Multispectral imaging, digital fingerprint, blockchain), we ensure a secure and immutable connection between each or of art and its data. Say goodbye to fraudulent transactions, forgeries, and art market manipulations. With, every transaction and ownership transfer is securely recorded, creating an indelible digital audit  trail for each artwork.  

Through the Unified Art Registry, artists can collect residuals as their artworks are bought and sold in the secondary market. Our innovative system ensures that artists continue to benefit from the value appreciation of their artworks, fostering a more sustainable and equitable art ecosystem.

We believe in the importance of collaboration and industry-wide adoption. works closely with galleries, auction houses, and other stakeholders to promote the use of our Unified Art Registry along with international standards like AIS. Together, we can create a unified and widely adopted system that enhances trust, increases participation, protects collectors and empowers artists.

The Time is Now
Are you ready to be a part of the Transparency Revolution? Join today and contribute to the creation of a transparent and secure art market. Together, we can redefine the future of art. Sign up now and experience the power of the Unified Art Registry. is committed to revolutionizing the art world through transparency, authenticity, and fairness. Join us in building a trusted and unified art market. Together, let's shape the future of art. #AuthentifyArt #ProvenanceRevolution #TransparencyMatters