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Authentify Art in 90 Seconds (Video)



The value of privately held fine art is estimated at more than $2 trillion, and $65 billion of it changes hands annually. For dealers, auction houses, insurance providers, banks, collection managers and galleries, there is still no industry standard for connecting physical art to its data. This makes transactions costly and frustrating, and limits the size and scale of the entire art marketplace.

Drawing on our two founder’s extensive expertise in supply chain technologies  (with logistics and e-commerce pioneers ProvideCommerce and 1-800-Flowers), Authentify has developed a data platform that securely uses the latest wireless technologies to connect each art piece to its own unique story including: public, and private data like provenance, attribution, authentication, condition, academic literature and other critical information. The data is centralized and stored securely on our platform, where it can be customized and selectively shared by the owner.  And to protect its value, all of this data follows the artwork to new owners as it changes hands.

In short, Authentify is connecting every work of art in the world to a permanent digital home.

We are currently selling our Authentify Select products exclusively to premier art galleries and art collections.  This includes a subscription to the each artworks Digital Dossier, Secure ID tags and immersive museum quality digital experiences. 

And the future products that we are already building on this foundation are revolutionary for the art market.

Join us on our journey. And visit to learn more.