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Collect and trade 
authentified art and real NFTs

Olesya Tseytlin, UNTITLED, 2018, Moscow

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Once authentified transact

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We provide trusted data for art and nfts

The Authentify Art platform aggregates information that is fundamental to the validation of art assets and nft smart contracts and gives users access to consumable information 


We make art and nfts safe

Our team has created a multilayered solution, incorporating standards of identity with secure unique IDs, and utility NFTs designed to protect ownership, title and copyright 

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We protect art, nfts, artists, and collectors 

​With secure access to data our clients are able to share experiences and information with collaborators, prospective buyers or general public with confidence.


Whether  for educational purposes, commercial market, or private sale authentified art is safe art and transacts wherever, whenever, forever. 



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We stand up for art 
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standing together for a healthy art market free of corruption that will expand and flourish, benefiting everyone