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Authentify Art

Discover the What and Where of any artwork instantly

Now available in select cities by invitation only

What Is It?


SecureID Tag

RFID (UHF and NFC) technology uniquely identifies and connects artwork to its data

What Do We Know?


Digital Dossier

Centralized data, images and documents to protect ownership, title and copyright

Where Is It?


Track & Trace

Integrated hardware and software inventory solutions to identify, monitor and track art

For Collectors

Each piece of art is unique in all the world
Connect it to a digital identity all its own

Now each piece in your collection can be immutably and persistently identified and tied to authentic information you can share — with admirers, insurers, and potential buyers. Authentify your collection and lock in its value
and your peace of mind.


For Galleries


Every piece of art has a story
Authentify helps you tell it

Whether your patrons are enjoying or buying, now they can
learn the hidden stories behind your pieces
through their mobile devices.

For Art Logistics

Reduce Tracking and Tracing Challenges with
Authentify Inventory RFID Tagging and Monitoring

Universal Art RFID standards enable quick and secure identification without unpacking.
Real-time monitoring keeps track of artworks with customizable alerts and instant inventory counts.

Artwork Storage



Authentify Select

Our early release solution is available by invitation only