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Authentify Art

Trusted Data For Art

Authentify Art helps art companies efficiently grow and scale their business by using technology to connect physical artworks to trusted data. 





Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor artworks anywhere in the world, even when in transit, crated and in dense storage. Also protect lenders, lien holders and fraction owners from unauthorized movement or transactions. Receive notifications and alerts for environmental risk factors.





Collection Management

A digital dossier with an entire transactional audit trail which includes all financial, logistics, legal, and due diligence documentation. All data, documents, and digital experiences are immutably and verifiably connected using secure art-specific RFID tags.  





Track & Trace

Effortlessly track, trace, and locate art in real-time with smartphones and integrated wireless technology. Manage inventory with 24/7 accuracy. Know where your artwork is anywhere in the world while on display, in transit, in storage or on loan. 

For Collectors, Experts, and Galleries

Unique artwork, unique protection

SecureID is used for identification purposes. Connects to the dossier and digital experiences and an Art Passport.

With the SecureID every piece in your collection gets an immutable ID which is securely linked to data that can be selectively shared with insurers, lenders, experts, and potential buyers. Centralized data, images, and documents protect your artwork's value and ownership. 

Asset Idenitification (1)

For Insurance, Art lenders, and large collections

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Risk mitigation solutions

SecureID and RFID Infrastructure integrated with active monitoring and alerts.

Our platform securely monitors and tracks artworks, stores, and manages artwork data, empowering art lenders and insurers through transparency, reduced risk, and streamlined operations to protect and optimize your valuable art portfolios.

For art logistics, auction HOUSES, and Museums

Quick and secure inventory 

Reduce Tracking and Tracing challenges with Authentify Inventory RFID Tagging and Monitoring that enable quick and secure identification without unpacking. Real-time monitoring keeps track of artworks with customizable alerts and instant inventory counts.

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Authentify Collection Management

Our beta release solution is available by invitation only