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Articheck & Authentify Art Announce Partnership

SAN MARCOS, CALIFORNIA and LONDON, UK. Authentify Art, a California-based fine art technology company, and Articheck, an industry-leading provider of fine art condition reporting and logistics, announced a referral and product development partnership to target the art world.

“The value of  privately held fine art is estimated at more than $2 trillion, and $65 billion of it changes hands annually,” said Authentify Art CEO and logistics veteran Curtis McConnell. “So it’s astonishing that there is no standard way to validate the identity or authenticity of art over time.”

“As providers of world-class condition reporting tools , we have long recognized the importance of our work in the context of each piece’s overall history,” said Articheck CEO Annika Erikson. “Our museum, gallery, private collection , and shipping customers all know that condition is a critical piece of the profile - and value - of the pieces they handle over time. That information needs to travel with each piece as it changes hands. Working with Authentify Art to co-develop solutions for the art world is a logical next step for us.”

“An Articheck condition report would be a table-stakes component of the Digital Dossiers we offer to our customers as a part of our wireless tagging solutions,” McConnell added. “Buyer and seller both benefit when a piece’s history is accessible during the sale process along with its other information. It’s clear that Articheck and Authentify Art both foresee a day when today's technologies have brought a new level of trust and transparency to the art world, making it more accessible and expanding its reach to new generations.”

“Making it easier for the art world to access each others’ services is only the beginning,” added Erikson. “Future shared projects and integrations are in the works.”

About Articheck

Founded in 2013 by 2020 Artnet Innovator Annika Erikson, Articheck offers an award-winning app for digital fine art condition reports. Industry specific standardized templates - from basic shipper templates to detailed Museum and Conservation templates - are organized in a legally verifiable condition history to provide an unbroken chain of condition for any artwork or cultural heritage object. Virtual Courier, launched in 2021, allows remove oversight and shipment tracking of artwork. Finally, in addition to tracking your groceries or socks, you can track your artwork. 

About Authentify Art

Founded in 2020 and drawing on our founder’s extensive expertise in supply chain technologies with logistics and ecommerce pioneers Proflowers and 1-800-Flowers,  AuthentifyArt has developed a series of patented solutions for the art world ranging from digital fingerprinting to interactive gallery labels to online data collection and sharing systems.

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