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The Future of Art: 'What and Where' Solutions Bring Scale to the Unscalable

#1 in a Series on the Art of Scalability, Transforming the Future of the Art World

Exploring the Power of Data, Trust, and Innovation in Creating a Safer, Larger, and More Accessible Art Industry

In the ever-evolving digital world, the art market is undergoing a profound transformation. The demands of the new art world necessitate quick access to data right at our fingertips. To engage the new generations of collectors, digital content is a necessity, as are independent sources to instill trust and establish veracity. The question is will the art world meet these new demands and provide scalable solutions that allow the market to flourish.

Unleashing the Power of Data:

Big data has become the driving force behind many industries’ growth, and the art world should be no exception. The art market of tomorrow demands real-time information readily available to artists, collectors, experts and art professionals. By leveraging modern technologies, we can empower stakeholders with a wealth of data, enabling them to make informed decisions and deepen their engagement with the art world. From artwork identification to provenance tracking and location monitoring, we can instantly answer the “what”, “where”, and “who” for interested parties while still protecting the privacy of the owners. 


Building Trust and Verification

Trust and verification are the bedrock of all thriving marketplaces, and the art ecosystem is no exception. The challenges of counterfeiting, authenticity, and transparency have long plagued the art world and not just at the fringes. Lack of transparency and desire for privacy have led to an asymmetry of data between buyers and sellers.  Not unlike the used car market of the 1970’s the art world appears to be full of posers and ascot wearing charlatans. However, with modern technological solutions, we can now address these issues head-on. Through transparent and accurate data, we can instill confidence in buyers, sellers, and investors. The ability to verify the authenticity, title, and condition of artworks in real-time can revolutionize the way we approach the art market, fostering trust and empowering stakeholders.

The Rise of Smartphone Solutions

Smartphones have become the central hub of our lives, connecting us to an immense amount of information and services. Recognizing this, solutions in the art world need to be seamlessly integrated into these portable devices. And now, with just a few taps, art enthusiasts can access a wealth of verified data about any artwork, from its origin and history to its current location. This unprecedented convenience brings the art world closer to a broader audience, enabling scalability that was once deemed unattainable. Not only do consumers benefit, but art experts are able to interact with art works regardless of geography significantly flattening the global art market.


Embracing the Changing Landscape

As the baby boomers transfer their art to the next generation, a new era in the art world is rapidly emerging. These digital natives, armed with technological prowess, are driving a seismic shift. Their innate familiarity with smartphones and data-driven experiences propels the demand for accessible, accurate and scalable art platforms. The art market must adapt quickly to this changing landscape, leveraging technology to attract and engage this emerging generation of art enthusiasts.


The art buyers of tomorrow will demand data at their fingertips so the market must embrace these changes to engage this new demographic and scale the industry. Trust and veracity are pivotal in fostering confidence among stakeholders and ultimately driving growth. With art-specific solutions integrated with our smartphones that answer the key questions of “who”, “what”, and “where”, we are perhaps entering a watershed moment in history where art is embraced as the newest great asset class. 


About This Series

Welcome to our thought leadership series on technology and its crucial role in creating a safer and larger next-generation art world. We explore how technology impacts safety, transparency, accessibility, and engagement in the art industry. Join us as we delve into the importance of scalable technology solutions in fostering trust, enabling broader participation, and unlocking new possibilities for the art market. Together, let's forge a path toward a thriving, inclusive, and transformative art world.

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